How Similar Between Ember JS and Ruby On Rails


1.  Whole Architecture

Route, Controller, View, Template and Model,  the MVC concepts between Ember Js and Ruby On Rails are actually identical, I really think Ember Js copied the architecture and MVC ideas from Ruby On Rails.

Please also check some core ideas like action, render design like partial, layout, yield and so on, the 2 MVC framework really are same origin.

2. Convention Over Configuration

Both Ember JS and Ruby On Rails follow very well on naming conversions and the key principle of “Convention Over Configuration”,  so you do not have to write glue like code like A calls B and B calls C and …,  only thing you need to do is just follow naming conversion and put the file with your business logic into the write path structure which is pretty much like doing configurations,  you are not coding your application,  you are configuring your applications.

3. Build And Development Utilities

Ember uses Ember CLI to manage the application cycles, and it is very like Ruby’s Rake and Rails and even the generators.  Since I found Ruby On Rails’s build utilities are more consistent and convenient to use.  I have to see that Ember JS needs more better work when copy it from Ruby On Rails.

I even found a blog here which help Rails developers to quickly switch to Ember Js


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